Miracles Do Happen: Chantell is Living Proof

Chantell is a dear friend mine. We have been friends for the last 8 years. Although we live miles away, our friendship has remained the same. Chantell understands me so well and she seems to know my heart. She is one of those friends that will ALWAYS keep it real with you; that is one of the things I love most about her.  I also love and admire her loyalty and strength!  Chantell has taught me a lot about the importance of family. I admire the relationship she has with her sisters. 

Back in December 2013 Chantell and I, along with some other friends took a girls trip to Los Cabos, Mexico.  We had so much fun! We laughed, joked, and made unforgettable memories, as usual. We throughly enjoyed ourselves!  I will remember that trip forever. On this trip I told all my friends I thought I was ready for children...two months later I found out I was pregnant! 

When it was time to head home, I wasn't ready. I really enjoyed our time in Cabo. Chantell and I shared the first leg of our flight back home and I remember us laughing about Cabo and talking about life.  When it was time to deplane, we said our goodbyes, texted each other when we made it home, and texted pics back and forth over the next couple of days.

Chantell Suffered a Brain Aneurysm

Life got back to normal and we didn't talk for a few weeks or more.  I called Chantell's phone and there was no answer and no reply to my texts. I began to worry, I knew something wasn't right. Then I received a phone call from a mutual friend. She told me Chantell was in the hospital. My heart dropped.  She went on to explain that Chantell suffered a brain aneurysm. Being a nurse, I knew that this was a life threatening medical condition. I was worried. I was told that she underwent brain surgery almost immediately after being rushed to the hospital. I just kept replaying the memories of Cabo in my head over and over again. I couldn't believe it. I had just seen her. 

When I was finally able to talk to Chantell, she told me that the doctors told her that if she had gotten to the hospital any later than she did, she would have died. Over the next few months Chantell underwent rehab and wasn't able to work for months. With the support of her family and friends Chantell got back to 100%. She continues to work as a nurse and you wouldn't even know that she underwent a major brain surgery.  

Almost a month or so after being out of the hospital I was able to meet up with her in Louisiana. She looked beautiful. Her hair was cut in a low shave. She told me they had to shave her hair for the surgery and she decided she was just going to embrace her new hair style! I loved it! She said it with such a big smile. She didn't care that her scar from surgery was visible.  She just kept telling me how good God is and how he saved her life. See told me how she had been going to church every Sunday and bible study every Wednesday.  She talked about how thankful she was to still be walking this earth. Her spirit radiated that day and I just couldn't help but document her beauty. Chantell is a true testimony that miracles do happen and that God is real. How else can you explain what she has been through? I love you Chantell.