Loving Baby Lennox: Edition 1

This year has been amazing! I survived my  first year of being a mom! Wow! Time has really flown by. Lennox is growing up so fast. He has taught me so much in the past year. I've learned so many things about myself and grown so much because of him. I imagined what it would be like to be a mother. I dreamed about what he would look like. I wondered how it would change my life. I couldn't wait to meet him!  Let's just say, nothing was as I dreamed or imagined and he has changed my life in the most amazing ways. My expectations have been surpassed and being a mother gives me so much joy. Someone once told me, "You think you love your husband. Wait until you experience the love of your first child." They were so right! It's kind of surreal sometimes. I watch him meet new milestones and its so unbelievable to witness. I'm enjoying every moment of it.  I thank God for him everyday.

This past October we celebrated his actual birthday by taking him to the pumpkin patch for the first time. It's located in Germantown, MD at Butler's Orchard. There were so many activities for kids to enjoy. There were hayrides, a petting farm, hot cider, pony rides, a hayloft, and so much more. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. He was scared of the sheep at first because of their loud Baaaas!! He warmed up eventually, and even fed them. I think the hayride was his favorite. We told everyone it was his birthday on the hayride and we started to sing for him. Lennox never passes up and opportunity to dance. He put his hands in the and did his classic dance moves. We bought him a mini pumpkin and he loved it.  He didn't want to let that thing go!

We ended the day with a family dinner at Founding Farmers in Rockville, MD. Dinner was wonderful. If you ever decide to dine at Founding Farmers I recommend the Chicken and Waffles with mashed potatoes, the Bacon Lollies, and the Shrimp and Grits are delicious.  Good shrimp and grits are hard to find, but these have my approval. :-)

Here are a few pictures from Lennox's first birthday. Enjoy!

More About Lennox

  • Words: ball, balloon, red, owl, dog, doggy, no, stop, bad (lol), water, belly, belly button, papa, rain, wet, Brown Bear Brown Bear

  • Favorite foods: strawberries, oranges, guacamole

  • Favorite toys: boxes, balls, balloons, cars, and blocks

  • Favorite activities: the park or any outdoor activity, wrestling, peek-a-boo, unfolding and burring himself in mounds of fresh laundry, playing with auntie's dog Diva, pulling all of clothes out of my drawers, climbing stairs

  • Dangers: playing in the toilet, climbing stairs, climbing the bookcase, climbing on boxes, CLIMBING, CLIMBING, and more CLIMBING

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